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About Ms Martha P


Connect to Community. Empower Educators. Change the World.

You entered the ECE industry to make a difference. Have you been able to make that difference alone?

If your answer is no, don’t worry! It is easy to be overwhelmed by the odds stacked against you as an ECE innovator. I know, because I have been exactly where you are.

Let me tell you more...

I started my first preschool center in 2011 with nothing but a run-down business and a dream. Since then, I’ve transformed my dream into three successful WhizKids Preschools, my very own preschool staffing company, and a passion for empowering other ECE educators!

What’s the secret? Community!

It doesn’t matter what you have or what you don’t have. What matters is what you do and who you know.

I owe my success to the people who encouraged and empowered me to reach my crazy, audacious dreams for early childhood education.


I want to give that to YOU! 

At Ms. Martha P, I promise to create a community that:

  • Believes in your ability to actualize your vision

  • Provides valuable insight based on years of experience

  • Inspires and empowers you to make an IMPACT in the industry


To get started, CONNECT:

  1. Read my free E-Book: 5 Habits of Visionary Educators

  2. Join the community on Instagram @MissMarthaP

  3. Join the Ms Martha P Community

  4. Join me for the valley’s first ECE leadership summit, Impact! 


You might have a vision that will change the world for kids!


Are you ready to empower that vision?

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"One of my biggest passions is giving others significance. Even the most successful people want to know that they are significant. At the end of my days, I want to know that I mattered and made others feel important."

- Martha Picciao -

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