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Join IMPACT 2020

Dream Big. Make Connections. Empower ECE.


Join Ms. Martha P for the valley’s first ECE leadership summit! 


This event is for you if:

  • You are an Early Childhood Teacher, Director, Team Leader, Mentor Developing Leader, Owner

  • You feel stuck 

  • Want to realign and reignite with your passion and purpose

  • Feel warn out or overwhelmed 

  • Crave connection and community 

  • Want to learn new teaching & leadership strategies  

  • Want to sharpen your leadership skills 

  • Want business tips & tricks for increased profitability 

  • Want to experience life again and feel the day again! 


Admission to IMPACT!

Keynote Speech by Ms. Martha P.

Guest speeches from industry leaders.

Story sharing and team building activities.

Strategies to inspire and motivate.

Actionable tips to change the way you teach and lead.

Friday evening VIP mixer to strengthen industry connections.

Get inspired to make the IMPACT that only you can make. Pre-register for this event now! 

Join us at IMPACT 2020!

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