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5 Surprising Benefits of Community in Educational Leadership

Building a strong community is essential across all industries, but especially so in educational leadership. Why? We’re building the leaders of the future and having a community to support that is key!

 I’ll admit, there are times when it may seem easier to get things done on your own. Or you may think you know all that there is to know about a certain topic.

 We’ve all been there! The key is to recognize that and know that there is ALWAYS room to grow – and building a community to CONNECT with others will help you do so.

 You may be surprised at all of the benefits a community can offer.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

 Keep that quote in mind and hold it close. Below are FIVE benefits of community  that will drive you to start connecting TODAY!

BENEFIT 1: Provides you with endless resources.

Think about everything that YOU know – all the experiences you’ve had in your life and what you’ve learned.

Now, think about how every single person has that same wealth of knowledge given their own personal experiences.

TAP INTO THAT! Your community is as strong as all of its members and it’s up to you to utilize their knowledge and resources.

You never know who knows someone else who can connect you with another person – the possibilities are endless. And these resources will only serve to make you a STRONGER educational leader.

BENEFIT 2: Avoid Burnout!

Working in education can be a tough gig and extremely tiring to say the least!

Having a strong community will help you to avoid burnout! You’re no good to yourself, your kids, your colleagues, or anyone when you’re too exhausted to function.

Lean on those within your community when you need a helping hand. Recognize when you’re doing too much and reach out to your connections for advice.

Everyone needs a break sometimes! Encourage others to rest when necessary.

REMEMBER: Your community members have your back and you’ve got theirs!

BENEFIT 3: Others will see you as a leader.

No one wants to follow a selfish leader! Building a community will actually give you more credibility as a leader in ECE.

If others are looking for their tribe members and building a community, and they see that others are drawn to you, they’ll be more eager to join your community!

BENEFIT 4: Provides you with different perspectives.

As a leader, you know that the world is so much more than yourself.

Having a community with members from all walks of life will help you to view challenges in a new light. You’ll have so many different perspectives to work off of which will in turn make you a BETTER leader.

Plus, having this knowledge will help you relate to kids and their families better. If you’re unsure of how to handle a situation, you’ll have a community of members behind you for support. 

Remember: Reaching out for help doesn’t make you weaker - it will only make you stronger.

BENEFIT 5: Community allows you to be yourself!

This benefit is short, simple, and SO important.

Building a great community is about being successful but it’s also about being able to be YOURSELF. If your community is strong, honest, and loyal, then you should feel completely at ease.

If you’re not part of a strong community, you may feel you have to change bits about you to fit into a certain community. That should NEVER be the case!

A strong tribe ultimately allows you to stay true to your values, dreams, and goals. Your community members may challenge you at times but it should only be to drive you to become better. And THAT will make you even more authentic.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of a community? Share your thoughts with whole tribe on Instagram @missmarthap!

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