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Empowering New Teachers for Success

Staffing early childhood education centers can be a TOUGH endeavor! It is an industry wide struggle, and I am totally not immune, but I have found an amazing strategy for solving it. Now, I want YOUR help to create an awesome community of leaders in education who know how to boost up new teachers! Here are a few tips you can use today to attract, hire, and empower your center’s next amazing teaching staff.

Tip 1: A Great First Impression

When you interview new teachers, you are taking them through an experience. As much as they are interviewing for a position with you, you are showcasing the amazing ECE center you have built! Put your best foot forward by being honest about the amazing things you have done, the areas in which you need to grow, and all the huge, engaging goals that your new hire will get to take part in. The candidate should leave your interview fully engaged in your center’s story and excited at the idea of joining your team.

Tip 2: Spend Time on Training

Many of my teachers at WhizKids report that the biggest difference I offer is comprehensive on the job training. It only takes one workday to initiate my teachers into the way things work at WhizKids, and it is a day well spent! Many centers assume teachers know what they’re doing (and they do!), but that is a challenge when each ECE center has different expectations for their staff. You’ll find that your staff is so much happier and more successful when you tell them what you expect from Day One.

Tip 3: Drive Home Self-Care

The burnout is real, ya’ll, and it makes keeping an amazing teaching staff that much more challenging! But here’s a secret: burnout is completely preventable. While it might be tempting to push your teaching staff to do more work, it actually benefits productivity to encourage your teachers to REST more! At WhizKids, I post weekly self-care challenges to keep my teacher’s thinking about taking care of their mind, body, and spirit. Healthy teachers are happy teachers, and happy teachers make for an amazing center! Boss babes, when you put your best foot forward from the start, provide a standout training program, and look after the wellbeing of your staff members, you’ll have your dream team in no time!

Need a little more help unlocking the bad-ass leader inside? I’m here to hold your hand and empower you to be the best you can be! Reach out to me via Instagram direct message @missmarthap. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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