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How to Set REAL Resolutions that Help YOU Thrive

I’m a fan of making changes in life, but standard New Year’s resolutions can feel completely impersonal.  

Sure, I’d love to “work out,” or “floss more,” but there’s no power in these goals.

This New Year, we’re putting a stop to wimpy resolutions. Follow these steps to create resolutions that help YOU thrive after January is over.

Bust out your journal. (You’re going to need it.)

STEP 1: Do some soul searching. 

Finish these sentences.

  • I’m happiest when I….

  • If I could have a whole month off of all my responsibilities, I would…

  • My life would be better, if only I had time to….

Here are my answers:

  • I’m happiest when I spend time with my boys.

  • If I could have a whole month off of all my responsibilities, I would go on a mastermind retreat.

  • My life would be better if only I had time to focus on growing my business.

What are your answers? DM me on Instagram, I’m dying to know.

Whatever you wrote down, these are your resolutions for 2020. You are going to stop wishing for these things and start doing them… in real life. And I’ll tell you how.

Struggling with this step? It can be hard to think “big picture” when you’re burnt out. If this is you, stop right now and read my last blog on how to beat burnout.

STEP 2: Find what motivates you.

This is a behavioral intervention. We’re going to use positive reinforcement. A.K.A. Find what motivates you and literally bribe yourself. 

Which one sounds the most like you?

  1. I’m happiest when I get to splurge on something big for myself. 

  2. Nothing makes me feel better than a glass of wine or a delicious meal.

  3. When other people cheer me on, I feel like I can accomplish anything.

#1: Gifts and shopping. Reward yourself for good behavior with a shopping spree or a chance to splurge on something you’ve always wanted.

#2: Food and drinks. When you do the thing, say “I love me,” by feeding yourself something truly delicious.  

#3: Words of Affirmation. Ask others for encouragement on your journey or leave sticky notes around the house to motivate yourself.

Remember to write down your type! 

Create a written plan to reward yourself as you achieve your goals. Consider it a legally binding self-care contract.

STEP THREE: Be Consistent. 

No matter how awesome your goals are or how much you motivate yourself, your life won’t change if you aren’t consistent. 

You can’t just do your resolution ten times and expect to see a result. 

If you want your resolutions to help you thrive, you have to do them over and over again until they become habits. (It can take anywhere from 21-84 days to form a habit, so you better start now.)

Look leaders, you can absolutely do this. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Do some soul searching.

  2. Find what motivates you. 

  3. Be consistent. 

Remember, no two people are a like. That’s why canned resolutions don’t work. 

You have to create resolutions that make you feel good. 

Why? Because you have an impact.

YOU are the most important piece. 

Happy New Year, you’ve got this. Love, Martha

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