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Leadership Tips for Staff Development Meetings

This November is all about LEADERSHIP at Ms. Martha P! Early childhood education is a high demand industry. When you own or direct your own ECE center, the spotlight is on you to empower, drive and motivate your team! And what better time to do that than in your staff development meetings???

What if I told you the most important part of a staff development meeting isn’t the agenda you write or the ice-breaker you choose, but the empathy, compassion, and drive you show as a leader? Follow these tips to turn your next staff development meeting into an amazing, morale-boosting inspiration sesh that will empower and uplift your entire team!

Tip 1: Get Comfortable

When I hold a staff development meeting at WhizKidz, the first thing I do is get comfy. You can find me with my shoes off, sitting cross-legged on the floor, in a circle with my team. It is a true pow-wow! This simple action makes it easier to be present and grounded. Instead of standing over my team, I sit with them. It sets the stage for team bonding to occur, and I find it helps us all to collaborate and speak from the heart.

Tip 2: Share the Successes

No matter what is going on in your business, find as many positive growth points as you can and share them with your team. Teachers are in the trenches, working hard everyday. This is an amazing opportunity to refocus them on the big picture of your business and show them just how much their actions matter! Plus, it inspires you (the boss!) to keep track of the things you are grateful for. A gratitude mindset is an amazing catalyst for growth.

Tip 3: Listen Actively and Empathize

Open the floor to your teaching staff. Allow them to share their struggles and challenges. Listen actively and sincerely. Lean forward with open ears and an open heart and hold the space for your team to share what is bothering them. Then, fully engage your team in finding a solution. SHOW them how much you care by helping to solve their challenges. When your team knows you love them, they will go to war for you and your business.

There you go leaders. Three tips to use at your next staff development meeting to boost morale and improve your center. These came from years of trial and error + lots of hard work running my three early childhood education centers and managing a wildly incredible teaching staff. I am so honored to share these tips with you.

Need a little leadership and empowerment in your life? Find me on Instagram @missmarthap and send me a direct message. I want to connect with you, learn about your dreams, and empower you to reach them!

You go, leaders!

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