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Self-Care in a Cup

Create Peace with Mindful Coffee Breaks

It’s no secret that many teachers run on coffee, and who can blame them? Preschool teachers have a high energy job, and it’s one that requires a huge time commitment! For these teachers, caffeinated drinks offer a desirable pick-me-up to get them through their day.

September 28th is National Coffee Day!

Let’s take the opportunity to reflect on how your coffee breaks can complement your self-care routine.

Mindfulness, or present-moment-awareness, is an eastern concept that has recently become popular in the western world. Studies have shown a relationship between mindfulness practice and our ability to respond to daily stress. Specifically, people who practice present-moment-awareness have a much better capacity to cope with daily stressors.

Busy teachers may feel there is no time to incorporate a mindfulness practice. The good news? Mindfulness can be incorporated into everyday routines to save time.

In celebration of National Coffee Day, use this strategy to incorporate mindfulness during your coffee breaks!

The next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, put your electronics aside, and take the opportunity to connect with the moment: 

  • Observe the way your coffee looks as it’s poured into your cup. 

  • Appreciate the changing colors as you mix in cream and sugar.

  • Notice how the steam rises from the cup into the surrounding air.

  • Bring the cup below your nose and appreciate the aroma.

  • Feel the warmth from the cup in your hands.

  • Take a sip and focus your awareness on the taste.

  • Repeat these steps for two or three minutes, or until you have finished your coffee.

When you use these strategies, you are bringing awareness to the present moment. This improves your ability to handle the everyday stressors associated with your job. 

By incorporating this brief mindfulness practice, you are making space for a little more peace when you enter the classroom.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to enjoy your coffee just a little bit more.

P.S.: Don’t drink coffee? No problem! Use this mindfulness routine with your favorite warm drink to create time each day for self-care and present-moment-awareness.

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